100 Lifehackingtips for working happier and more efficient

2008 – Lifehacking? To break into a computer? No ‘to hack’ means the modeling of your information behavior to your needs, be it email, calling on your telephone or organizing your life. Lifehacking is a mix of timemanagement, knowledge management and personal growth.

Who is not overruled by several sorts of information, every day? How can you manage and prevent suffering from information stress? The secret is to find, to organize, to filter and to share the information. That is where lifekacking is all about; about doing more in less time in a nicer and smarter way. So you keep time left to create and to focus on things that are really important for you. Lifehacking is inspired by the book Getting Things
by David Allen. A handy and complete way to work happy and efficient without stress.

What is the target group of this book? That is all who use a computer, but have no idea how to realize a lot of daily tasks with little effort. For anyone who is working on the web a lot, but has never heard of RSS. And for those who can appreciate the beauty of a smart finding and can profit from it.

Themes: Smart travelling, Smart working