And they worked happily ever after


VPRO Tegenlicht (Backlight) Broadcast: Monday, February 18th, 21:00 on Netherlands 2

Inspired on the ideas of Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Semler (whose business success is based on the strength of the happiness of his employees) Backlight outlines the labor market of the future, which does not make money, but pursues happiness as the main aim.

With attention to the transformation of the employee to work entrepreneur, plumbing 2.0, the standup meeting as new meeting form and the gospel of management coaches De Kock & Vergeer: who pursues happiness, will reap success. Plus the last wage workers in the Netherlands: what will be their role in the fairy tale of The New Work?

Reference: Director: Geert Jan Source, Research: Marijntje Denters, Gerko Wessel, William de Bruijn; Production: Jenny Borger; Editor: Henneke Hagen and Frank Wiering