Are you missing something? Engaging and enabling employees for success

2010 – The study ‘Are you missing something? Engaging and enabling employees for success’ is conducted by the Hay Group; it discusses the effects of employee involvement on organizations. 

The survey was conducted among more than 5,500 employees in Germany, France, the UK and Benelux in various industries in the private sector. The following criteria were included in the survey, the business sector, wage developments in the last 12 months, feelings of appreciation, future expectations and plans, trust in management and job security, working structure, training opportunities, working conditions, the impact of business processes on the productivity, the degree of autonomy and the desired sense of responsibility.

The report presents the results below:
–       Organizations that have a high employee involvement have a 2.5 times higher revenue growth compared to companies who score low on engagement.
–       Organizations that have a high involvement of employees and where the conditions to perform are well have a 4.5 times higher revenue growth.
–       Employee involvement leads to 54 % less staff turnover.
–       Employees who feel involved, perform better in 50 % of cases.

Involving employees is not enough to reduce turnover in an organization and realize better performance of employees and of the organization as a whole. For this purpose, it is also necessary that the boundary conditions to carry out the work are in order. If the conditions are not satisfying, this can lead to frustration among employees, which may result in their search for another job.
The best organizations link the results of research to the satisfaction of staff to the strategies to guide managers in creating and maintaining an effective workplace and culture.

The full research report Are you missing something? Engaging and enabling employees for success (2010) conducted by Hay Group, is attached.