AWVN Note on employment conditions 2013 Strong through cooperation

2013 – The AWVN chooses cooperation to achieve responsible working conditions in the crisis. This means that a dialogue between employers and employees and works councils in companies is necessary as well as cooperation with the social partners.

Handles for collective bargaining
The working paper provides for that handles. Workplace innovation leading to innovative industrial relations ( dialogue and cooperation ) is key to success.
Modernized pension schemes, bearing in mind the interests of young and old.


There is an agenda for sustainable employability. Of these components are: investing in the internal side and investing in the external side. The internal side involves the introduction of a personal development budget, demotion, personal development plans. The external side concerns policy and options (offering internships ) to employ people with bad chances on the labor market.

Flexibility with perspective or ‘sustainable’ flexibility , i.e. find a good match between the flexibility needs of employers and employees. It concerns flexibility of permanent employees by introducing New Ways of Working and new forms of shift working. And it comes to the sustainability of external flexibility, for example by asserting HR policy for all workers, including flexible employees. Creative and transparent wage policy; at this point the employer starts of the principle: first earn then divide. Concrete proposals are: replacement relieves measures for a personal employment budget; focus on output rather than on presence, reduction of the wage when a person gets a job that is less demanding or a reduction in working time. It also called for greater transparency on pay at the top.

Download AWVN Working Notes 2013 Stronger by working together :
Reference : Soul Shot , E. , Harteveld , L. Work strongly together . AWVN working paper 2013. The Hague: AWVN . ( see pdf )