BNR Darwin: Workplace innovation and self confidence on the shop floor

2013 – In the BNR News Radio broadcast Darwin on 17th of September  Steven Dhondt (TNO and  KU Leuven) , Mikkel Hofstee (Lifeguard ) and Victor Mion (VM Corporation) speak on ‘Social innovation and self-confidence at  the workplace’.

What is workplace innovation?
Steven Dhondt describes workplace innovation as: changing an organisation  with the intention to cooperate for innovation.  It’s not just about  ‘management  innovation’  and not just ‘employee driven innovation’ but it is the overlap.
Research into the development of companies in a period of crisis (2007 – 2010) shows that companies that innovate and decentralize grow strongly (+ 35 % avg.)  and make more sales (up  to 50 %). Other companies show a decline of 15 %.

Change the mood of the staff
Mikkel Hofstee and Victor Mion emphasize the importance of changing the mood of people who work in companies that need to reorganize;  from dropping out and feel frustrated  to feeling  challenge. Guard against negativity and  positive energy management are important. Good example behavior of the top management and supervisors is essential; just like paying attention, listening and really embracing initiatives even when things go wrong.

Make unhappy
Dhondt adds that it is not about coaching someone in a stultifying job so he becomes positive and happy. But you have to make that employee becomes dissatisfied and offer him a challenging job. It involves “organizing voice,  internal entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing,"  he summarizes.

The entire program (in Dutch) can be heard via the link below.

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