Brabant's finest: workplace innovation at companies in North-Brabant

2011 – In the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands we see that the economy is starting to grow (slowly) again in some sectors. In the high-tech sector companies start  to recruit new people. The automotive industry, so deeply affected last year, starts to recover. However in a number of sectors, the crisis is still going on or even just starts to show effects. Think of the welfare and culture sectors that right now have to deal with fewer resources.
How long the economic crisis will last, we do not know. Market developments outside the Netherlands and Europe play an increasingly important role. What is clear is that things will change the coming years. Companies and organisations will have to operate smarter and more innovative. More and more ICT and other digital tools will be used. ‘Collaboration’ is the key word. This not only concerns collaboration within companies and organizations and between employers and employees.  But also collaboration between companies and organisations. Organisations which do not manage to organise internal and external cooperation, will miss the boat.

The Brochure
The brochure ‘Brabant Besten’ (The bests in Brabant) gives you the opportunity to have a look in a number of companies and organizations in N. Brabant. It shows workplace innovation: how do companies organize internal business smarter and more efficient with the help of and in cooperation with their employees. How do they make the best use of the knowledge and skills of their employees and how comes that employees like to contribute to this. In the brochure you will find 7 Brabant Best companies in the field of workplace innovation. Prior to this, it provides a brief review of labor market trends and an exposé on how workplace innovation is  an answer to these trends.

: Attached is the entire brochure (in Dutch). This is a publication of Sociale Innovatie Brabant (Workplace Innovation Brabant). Sociale Innovatie Brabant is an initiative of the Province of North Brabant and performed by PSW ( an expertise centre for the improvement of the employment in the region and the use of talents of its inhabitants.)
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