Broodfonds (Bread Fund); Insurance co-ops in the Netherlands

2016 – Broodfonds (Bread Fund) is a volunteer association of self–?employed workers with the objective of saving reserves and create a fund in which they individually invest money to take care of their risks bound to temporary disabilities collectively.  

The Broodfondsen scheme was developed in Holland in 2004 and  was launched in 2006 as an association (now a group of cooperatives and associations) that helps independent entrepreneurs and provide them with means when they need a sick leave.  

Entrepreneurs who choose to participate can join or form a group of similar people,  ranging from a minimum of twenty to a maximum of fifty members, paying a regular amount each month: members that fall sick receive a subsidy  to provide for their primary needs  from their group’s account. The system is based on trust. 


Deserti Alessandro, (2016) Broodfondsen. Insurance co-ops in Netherlands. Simpact Evidence. Social Innovation Business Case study. Attached.