Carreer with frog jumps - Working on employability succesfully

2008 – There are many tools to promote employability but success requires an integrated approach. The supervisor must take the initiative and start the dialogue with his or her employees on the improvement of  their employability. And the employee must become “masters of his or her own career”. This article discusses the strategic need for employability,  its determinants,  the reasons why many organisations fail to score on this topic and the method to work on employability successfully.

Many organisations that are not successful blame the instruments as the reason for their failure. Instruments are of great importance, but it remain just instruments. Motivating employees needs more. Many managers fail as well: employability is to less promoted in organisations. Companies that have employable workers are flexible and innovative and  thus increase  their chances to survive. It is important that the supervisor coaches and inspires, that job security is replaced by opportunities to develop and that a lot of attention is given to the dialogue between manager and employee.
This article argues for an integrated approach. Allow people to become ‘boss over his or her own career,’ and communicate this in every possible way. Invest in tools and show that it is fun and useful to make use of them. Finally. work together (manager and employee) to realize an active dialogue. Thus employability becomes a tailor-made approach in labor relations.


Nauta, A. et al. Carrière met kikkersprongen. Met succes werken aan inzetbaarheid (Career with frog jumps. Working on  employability succesfully) In: Gids voor Personeelsmanagement  (Guide to Personnel management), 10/2008. See attachment.