CLA-Gasunie 2016

2016 – The collective labour agreement with Gasunie was based on a Covenant and a Protocol.

Dialogue and trust
In the Covenant and the Protocol the employer, the unions and the works council speak out their mutual trust, they agree to establish an ongoing dialogue in a “core team" and state to aim for a transparent and sustainable HR and employment policy. The traditional division of domains  in the consultations between the management and the unions on the one hand and between the works council  and the employer on the other hand, is released. Before  the actual formal negotiations took place a principle agreement was concluded where – broadly – the agreements for working conditions are formulated and “workshops at the workplace to identify bottlenecks" are announced.

Innovative arrangements in the CLA
A “budget to improve flexibility" will be made available to the employees for composing a package of employment  conditions of their choice. (This budget was already agreed upon in the collective agreement in 2013). It consists of a monetary value for a number of hours, concretized in appointments.
Gasunie will implement an active Career policy by taking  ‘measures relating to training, education and so on … ‘ and will discuss the policy with the unions.
Regarding attracting temporary employees the works council is informed periodically and may express its views thereon.
In the normal contact with the trade unions the partners will pay attention to the development of employment in the company. And in case of possible closure of divisions or departments or reorganizations this will be discussed with the trade unions as soon as possible. Moreover it is stated that the employer shall strive  “not to decline the number of employed workers”, as far as the objective of the company permits.
The employer shall strive to improve the quality of the workplace by organizing work content and working conditions in such a way that they will have no adverse effect on the health of the workers.
Together with the works council, the employer will pay attention to employing disabled people and attracting groups with a weak position on the labor market; if necessary jobs will be adapted for them.
The union and their members will not strike during the term of this CLA, as long as the employer applies no exclusion to members of the union.

Attached the full tekst of the agreement, the Protocol and the Covenant (in Dutch)

Gasunie Nederland • cao 2016.pdf 
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Gasunie Nederland • Protocol duurzaam HRM- en arbeidsvoorwaardenbeleid 2016.pdf (122,92 Kb)

Gasunie Nederland • Convenant kernteam duurzaam HRM- en arbeidsvoorwaardenbeleid 2016.pdf (218,64 Kb)