Coaching to more responsibility

In Group Ghistelinck in Waregem, Belgium they belief that personal development is just possible when the individual has sufficient self-confidence and gains sufficient trust.

Objective and Approach
At the start of a career, but also in its further development, the employee has to be coached and trained properly. Employees should be given sufficient autonomy to develop their skills. In addition, they are coached by the supervisor, which in turn is trained to do this. To do this he must have insight in the specific tasks of each technician and his skills and talents.
It is the intention that technicians feel more responsible and more involved in their job by delivering personal service to the customer. Uncertainties about the jobs are eliminated by a clear description of the tasks. Furthermore the relationship between customer and account manager will be tightened by assigning one and the same account manager to the customer, independent of what his demand is.

The project  ‘Glass House Ghistelinck’ of garage Ghistelinck Waregem is one of the 16 ongoing innovation projects that  were launched with the support of the ESF Agency in April 2008.

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