Contact center for telemarketing Sebeco: The power of competence development

2017 – Sebeco is a contact center for telemarketing in Gent, Belgium. It employs 120 people.
In the Flandres Synergy’s Members Magazine (No. 9, March 2017)  an article is published about the company: ‘The power of competence-development’. This article is summarized below.

Workplace innovation
This company is developed from Call Center to Contact Center, it not only provides telephone marketing but also marketing through other digital media. The organisational structure is changed from operation- to client oriented.
In this change, the employees were involved by paying much attention to competence development.

The company has to follow the digital transformation in telemarketing.

Other companies for telemarketing introduced a new department with new people for digital marketing alongside the telephone marketing. Sebeco on the contrary organizes the service client oriented. This means that all employees must be able to offer the various techniques and thus master them. In 2009 the director started to adapt the organisation to this concept and to make employees aware that you can adapt your interaction style to the customers desires. Then the company invested heavily in the development of digital competences of the people. At the workplace much training is done using knowledge-games and dynamic coaching.

The result is a successful company with 480 workstations at various locations. Besides, the employees have a complex knowledge-workers job.

Moerenhout, Ann : ‘De kracht van competentieontwikkeling’ (‘The power of competence development.’)  In: Flandres Synergy’s Member Magazine, nr. 9, March 2017. Goede praktijken pp. 24 – 25.  The Magazine is attached.