Dio-Agro, A new organizational culture

Dio – Agro BV, based in Hilvarenbeek, delivers milking systems and devices for both cows and goats. Dio – Agro also performs maintenance and provides service to existing customers. The company was formed by a  merger of two companies in this sector. It has nine employees.

A new organizational culture
To make the organization more future-proof and to give employees a more participatory role, there was designed a new consultation and decision-making structure in which employees have more space for an own contribution and  leadership manages in outline.

An employee survey showed dissatisfaction among employees about communication and leadership style. Also a difference in expectations regarding the role of the staff was determined. This gave rise to rearrange the organisation and cooperation structure. The Board established a strategic plan which was further adjusted after discussion with the employees. In consultation with the employees, opportunities for improvement in work processes were identified and incorporated into new processes. Tasks, responsibilities and powers were redefined and job profiles and work processes  were described. There were drawn up personal development plans, starting from differences in skills and competencies of employees in relation to the desired job profiles. Staff provided input for a new consultation and decision-making structure and designed new culture and behavior rules. Supervisors  were coached in their new leadership.

The approach has led to a better proposal for workshop equipment. There are fewer errors in the process and less failure costs. There is a clear and workable organisational structure so that employees know where they stand. By focusing on the main line, leadership has more time for external relations, product development and long-term policy. Employees take more responsibility and have more decision space. There is a better awareness and mutual discussion. The way of communicating in the company is more positive and forward-looking. There is more room for colleagues to express themselves, more team building and better cooperation.

Organisatieverandering is een proces van lange adem. Draagvlak bij de start en terugkoppeling van resultaten naar de medewerkers is essentieel. Om veranderingen in de organisatiestructuur en de manier van samenwerken te implementeren is procesbegeleiding gedurende een langere periode noodzakelijk. Aandacht voor feedback en tussentijdse bijstelling is van belang om de continuïteit te waarborgen.

Organizational change is a long-term process. Support at the start and feedback of results to the employees is essential. To implement changes in the organizational structure and in the way cooperating, process management is necessary for a considerable period. Attention to feedback and interim adjustment is important to ensure continuity.

More information
See the websites: www.dio-agro.nl/  and www.socialeinnovatiebrabant.nl.

Themes: Dynamic management & Leadership, Smart working, SME

Sector: Agrofood

Source: Case