Dublin declaration: Social partners as knowledgeable participants in workplace innovation

2013 – The Dublin declaration was endorsed by participants at the Workplace Innovation: Translating Policy into Practice conference in Dublin on 30th April / 1st May 2013. The theme of the conference was:  ‘Workplace Innovation: Translating Policy into Practice’ and was organized by SIPTU Manufacturing Division and the IDEAS Institute. The ideas expressed in the declaration will be disseminated and promoted by an international coordination group of representatives of European trade unions and employers associations using the EUWIN network.

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Trade unions and employers’ organizations throughout Europe face challenges of adaptation in an increasingly volatile global environment. Workplace Innovation creates the conditions within which enterprises can use and develop the talents, knowledge and creativity of employees at all levels. Trade unions and employers organizations can contribute a lot of experience and knowledge, while they know how it works in practice. For example they may play a supporting role in public policy advocacy and policy implementation of WPI.
This role requires new forms of cooperation between social partners: ‘Workplace partnership arrangements’ or  ‘Collaborative innovations’.
And it requires that unions and employers association themselves become learning organizations and innovate their role and structure.

The full text of the declaration is in the attached minutes of the conference by EUWIN.

Themes: Labour relations, Workplace innovation
Sector: Industry
Bron: International declaration