Employee 2.0

2008 – In thisbooklet NCSI describes the impact of the coming of a new generation: Employee 2.0, Generation Einstein, Generation Y for companies. The aim is to challenge companies and  (public) institutions to profit  from the unique characteristics and talents of the Employee 2.0. Is your organization ready for the Employee 2.0? This booklet helps you to answer this question.

Summary tips & tricks:

  • Try to make a psychological contract with the employee 2.0. To reach this you have to take a risk and invest in his or her education. A high salary at the start is not very important , the option however to grow in salary step by step is important.
    • Design the job in complete  tasks and make clear what the expected outputs  and frames are. Let the Employee 2.0 decide about  how to realize a task. Give feedback on a regular basis in such a way that the Employee 2.0 can learn from it.
    • Give ample attention to ‘employer branding’ and organize challenges and opportunities for learning at the workplace, for example a traineeship or an apprenticeship.
    • Recognize  and use the differences between Employee 1.0 and 2.0. It is important that generations have the chance and opportunities to get the best out of themselves. By organizing effective cooperation  the good things of both generations can be used. Effective cooperation may lead to new innovations.


The book : 2punt0: Is uw organisatie klaar voor de nieuwe generatie werknemers?  (2dot0: Is your organisation ready for the new generation of employees?) (2008) of the NCSI is attached.