European Works Council Solvay concludes ‘Global Framework Agreement on Digital Transformation’

2020 – Solvay makes soda ash as a raw material for glass, peroxide (to whiten and/or disinfect things), fragrances and flavours, advanced materials for the automotive and aerospace industries. It employs some 24,500 people in 61 countries. The head office is in Brussels.
The European Works Council of Solvay and the Solvay Group signed a ‘Global Framework Agreement on Digital Transformation’ The document is attached.
Frank Pot wrote a brief report about this process.

Haedlines from the report
The European Works Council (EWC) has taken the initiative to conclude a global agreement with management on how to deal with digitisation. This was achieved in 2019, in about 10 months’ time.
The agreement includes provisions on employee involvement in significant projects, training and competence development, collection and protection of personal data, procedures if people become redundant and monitoring the implementation of the agreement.
For all significant projects, a ‘technology assessment’ must be carried out in the preparatory phase, indicating what the consequences may be for, among other things, health and safety, the amount of work, job content and work organisation, quality of work, employment, collection of personal data, people with disabilities, etc.

‘Global Framework Agreement on Digital Transformation between Solvay Group and Solvay Global Forum (SGF) & European Works Council (EWC)’.
Frank Pot: Europese ondernemingsraad Solvay sluit ‘Global Framework Agreement on Digital Transformation’een bericht.
Both publications are attached.

Themes: Labour relations, Codetermination.
Sector: Chemical Industry
Sources: Collectiver agreement, Article, Case