Fast and Flexible in manufacturing

2013 – TNO knowledge on and instruments for innovation of production processes are used daily by small firms to keep a good position in the (global) competition. This is always done together with employees, since – besides knowledge and tools –  the most crucial factor for success is commitment. Commitment of the different disciplines is essential to obtain support and momentum for the implementation of these innovations.

Commitment is also important because there is a lot of knowledge about and experience with the production process and daily troubles. And this knowledge can be used when people get to work together. The innovation of the production processes bear fruit in productivity gains, shorter throughput times, less waste and or better quality. Besides innovating and continuous improvement together with the employees make the work more challenging and improves commitment and this again leads to increase of productivity and profit.


In this book 16 cases are described:

  1. Biddle Klimaatwerk
  2. De Boer Machines Nederland
  3. Chain of companies high end maakindustrie Oost Nederland en ACT    
  4. Bronkhorst High-Tech
  5. Maintenance companies unified in the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG )
  6. Brinks Carrosserieën
  7. Merford Cabins
  8. Fri-Jado, Hytrans Systems
  9. DAF Trucks, Weir Minerals Netherlands, Total Productivity
  10. Tobroco Machines
  11. Kinkelder, Inmaco, Boon Edam
  12. GOMA 
  13. Aqualectra, Brink Climate Systems, Contour
  14. Advanced Instruments Manufacturing
  15. Bierman Aanpassingsbedrijf
  16. Thomas Regout, De Cromvoirtse, De Boer Machines Nederland


The TNO consultants use many different tools:

  • Chain optimalisation
  • Decrease of  throughput time and waste
  • Reduction of troubles in the production/assembly lines
  • Lean Order Processing
  • Design reviews, product design in modules
  • Design to assemble
  • Working and testing instructions
  • Optimal design of the process and the work place
  • 5S – order and property on the work place.

Reference: Tuinzaad , B.; Rhijn, van G.; Bosch, T. en Vos, F. (2013) Snel en wendbaar in de maakindustrie

Snelle doorstroming orders, in eigen bedrijf en in de keten, slimmer productontwerp en flexibele inzet personeel. (Fast and flexible in manufacturing. Fast flow of orders in the own company and in the chain, smart design of products and flexible work.) TNO. ISBN 978-90-5986-432-0 (see attachement)

Themes: Flexible organization, SME, Smart working

Sector: HTSM

Source: Book