Ferro Fix

2013 – Ferro-Fix in Rotterdam makes underground waste containers, bike sheds , bins and other street furniture and accessories that fit into the street in a city. It employs 140 people many of them have one or more limitations.

Workplace innovation
The company has changed from a traditional workplace for disabled people in a commercial metal company. The innovation lies in the cooperation with big companies that thus meet the requirement of clients to do something good for society (social return) by working with a company like Ferro Fix that employs many people with disabilities.

Ferro Fix itself has an egalitarian (there are no job names on the cards), open and friendly atmosphere.

There is paid a lot attention to each other. The management look for what people cán do instead of to what they connot. Currently they are in a unique process to get not only a ‘level 1 approved apprenticeship’,  but also a ‘level 2 approved apprenticeship’  to enable employees to win a job outside Ferro-Fix, when desired. ‘Love’ is a core value of the company.

The company is both commercially and socially successful. The employees now proudly tell where they work. Everyone wants to show his or her contribution to the greater whole, and they are always ready to help each other if necessary.

On the ‘Energy Day 2013’ of the MKB Krachtcentrale (a MKB network initiated by Syntens a former state owned agency) Ferro Fix was named one of the “Smartest companies in the Netherlands."  The jury report is attached.

Topics : Dynamic management and leadership; SME, Talent development.
Sector: Metal Industry
Source : Case