Grünbuch Arbeiten 4.0. Arbeit weiter denken (Green paper ‘Working 4.0. Thinking about the work of the future’)

2015 – The German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs  has published a Green Paper on Working 4.0. Thinking about the future of work.
With this Green paper the ministry aims to launch a dialogue on how the Germans want to work and what options there are for businesses, workers, social partners and politicians.


The Green Paper describes trends and scenarios, presents analyzes and formulates open questions; for example questions about the importance of  institutions for the welfare society. And it describes how the ministry sees the dialogue.

The ministry will initiate a dialogue in the society with all civilians and a discussion among experts (
The Green Paper was published in April 2015 and will result in a White Paper at the end of 2016.

The DGB input in the debate

In November 2015, the trade union Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB) held a congress on digitalization (Digitalisierungskongress).The DGB Chairman plied for ‘good work 4.0’. This means among other things fair flexibility and clear rules and legislation to protect workers against the risks of the digital society. As risks are seen: minutely control of behaviour and performance and the expiry of rules by the blurring of national, organizational and time limits.

Grünbuch Arbeiten 4.0. Arbeit weiter denken. Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs. April 2015. pdf. The Green Paper is attached. Also attached is an English summary of the Green Paper.

Attached as well are: the press release about the DGB congress about digitalizing and the speech of the DGB chairman.