Guide to sustainable employability of older workers: an integrated approach

2013The ‘ Guide to sustainable employability of older workers: an integrated approach " is intended as a tool for organizations that want to work on an improved long-term employability of (older) employees independently. It allows the organization to decide on the development of an integrated personnel on long-term employability. The guide to employers and employees encouraged and challenged to think collectively about – and being proactive in the respect of on – the theme of sustainable employability . Relevant stakeholders in the implementation of the (new) sustainable employability policy .

Sustainable employability means that workers in their working life have on an ongoing basis actually realizable possibilities and the conditions available to current and future work with maintaining health and well-being . This implies a work context that allows them to do so , as well as the attitude and motivation to exploit these opportunities effectively (Van der Klink et al , 2010) .

The core of the guide is a roadmap, consisting of six steps :
1 .
take action;
2. integrated analysis;
3 .
formulate solutions;
4.  action
5 .
implementation of the intervention(s);

When implementing policy in the field of sustainable employability several players in the organization are active: management and works council, officers, employees, HR and occupational health staff, consultants for sustainable employability.
For each of these groups of actors is described the role during the implementation process and how they can fulfill this role.

Reference : Vries, H. de; Wessels, M; Guide to sustainable employability of older workers : an integrated approach for organizations . Project leaders : Sandra Brouwer, Annet de Lange. University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen.
Contact: Sandra Brewer , PO Box 196 , 9700 AD Groningen , 050 363 2860 .

Themes : Sustainable employability
Source: Instrument