I-Interim Government: think different, act different.

2011 – The ICT-Interim pool (I-Interim Government) aims at flexibilisation and the maintaining of knowledge. Besides it want to refresh the climate in the Government. This article is a summary of the interview with Dirk-Jan de Bruijn, change agent and Jeroen Been, the manager of I-Interim, in the ‘Gids voor personeelsmanagement’ (Guide for HRM).
“The proof that it works is that people knock on our door, wanting to work for I-Interim Government.” Not only costs are saved hiring less external personnel, also the knowledge of large scale ICT-projects and talented managers are saved for Government. Working more efficient and responding more quickly to questions are important side results. This initiative is functioning very well since January 2011, and has a lot more potention.
Large ICT-projects in Government have a an information-infrastructure that is becoming more and more complex, moreover  they concern innovation, strategy, investments and cost savings. That is why big investments are made to upgrade the control, including the direction of the suppliers. Conform this approach on important positions externals are replaced by professionals and managers employed by the Government and having a long track record in executing complex projects. However the hiring of cutting edge expertise is still going on.
In this article (written in Dutch) the following topics are described: the activity of the pool in practice, the use of talents and a view into the future. Also two persons working at I-Interim describe their experiences in I-Interim Government.

The article is attached, it is written in Dutch

Themes: Workplace innovation, flexible organization.
Sources: Article
Sector: Public sector