ImProvia, self-management and entrepreneurship

2014 – ImProvia in Etten-Leur, North Brabant, the Netherlands is a company that manages and designs technical facilities. It is active in the process from design and commissioning to operation and maintenance. Customers are leading companies in the industry and in recent years more and more in infrastructure. Since its start in 2006 ImProvia has grown by 75% per year. Now the company has more than 85 employees, called ImProvianen. They are spread across four offices in the Netherlands and one abroad.

Self-management, talent development and entrepreneurship
Employees are working on innovative solutions in small independent companies, in partnership with the customer. The responsibilities lie low in the organization. Employees get room to take responsibility for the outcome. Entrepreneurship is encouraged and employees can contribute their own ideas. The management is open to new ideas and helps employees to realize them. Employees are involved in the development of the strategy of the company. They are also responsible for their professional development and are facilitated by an appropriate training policy. Usually training desires are honored and knowledge sharing is encouraged. Talent development also refers to soft skills: giving feedback to each other, interacting and communicating with customers.

The management provides employees the opportunity to address things. They practice coaching leadership, managing with passion and they create an environment that stimulates continuous development. Every month there is a site consultation, regularly there are meetings on themes and working groups that think about work, collectively. Then there are the formal ‘ImProviadays’ where themes are addressed such as: how to let grow entrepreneurship, how to maintain commitment and how do we present ourselves to the customer.

ImProvia is a healthy company and has an annual growth of 75% for employees, turnover and profit. Customers are satisfied and they keep coming back to look for solutions in a partnership. Most of the new employees are coming from the network of the ImProvianen themselves.

Sharing information and transparency are indispensable as well as continuous attention. Strengthening initiatives and looking for opportunities is essential. Positive stimulation of capabilities, entrepreneurship and human qualities are important. Open communication is needed: as a leader you should not wait making remarks until you have a coaching conversation. Do not make too much rules and don’t let you stop by procedures.


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Theme’s: self-organizing, talent development, entrepreneurship, SME

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