ING: Good employership, good employeesship

2009 – A good employer ensures a pleasant work environment, challenging employment conditions and a stimulating HRM. But the employee also has a responsibility: he needs to work on his own employability. In reorganizations, it is important that the employees are working on their own mobility by following courses and training.

Why  this is workplace innovation
ING provides all employees with an employability budget. Using this budget employees may make themselves stronger and the organization can redesign itself better.
The idea behind the new policy is ownership: employees explicitly have an own responsibility. They need to work on their own employability and mobility, in cooperation with ING itself.

since years ING has been putting great emphasis on employability and has now established that employees themselves also can work on their employability. They will be provided with an ‘employability budget’ and  are supported  in the use of that budget. Also ING has made concrete agreements on  age-policy and flexibility. Much attention is paid to a social climate in which workers stay fit and healthy  longer, for example by introducing more flexible working times. In close cooperation with works council and unions ING introduced the innovative reward system that encourages working more competitive and result-oriented.

Staff make good use of the new employability budget: around 4000 employees participate.
The ING received the ‘AWVN Innovation Trophy for the third quarter of 2008’,
for her pace-setting collective agreements, aimed at supporting the organizational development and personal growth of 29,000 people,

See the Appendix for the full article:  Peters, S. ‘Goed werkgeverschap, goed werknemerschap’  (Good employer, good employee) In:WerkGeven 8/2008.