Innovación para ambientes laborales creativos

2013 – In Colombia several organizations showed interest in what is going on in the field of  ‘workplace innovation’ in Europe. Among them Comfama, an NGO in Medellin that helps organizations with social innovation. Comfama invited Frank Pot August 2013 for a workshop with Colombian companies.

In his presentation definitions of workplace innovation were discussed, policies in Europe were presented as well as the evidence for benefits for employees and companies and the theories that support those results. Furthermore some cases were mentioned among which SEMCO in Brasil.

2016 – On the request of COMFAMA in Medellin  Frank Pot wrote  an article for the March edition of Observar33. Illustrated by a best case: Biddle Klimaatwerk (also in this knowledge bank) Pot argues that utilizing human talent to the full and stimulating productive and innovative work behavior requires job autonomy at task level, shop floor consultancy at department level and a management- employees – relationship which is characterized by a ‘participation & trust’ regime. 


Pot. Frank. Innovación para ambientes laborales creativos. In: Cuadernos de pensamiento social; Dialogos estrategicos en Agusto. Confama, Agosto, 2013. Comfama, Medellin. (pdf. in Spanish is attached)


Pot, Frank. ‘Productividad en sintonía con lo social’. In: Observa33, Informe de conyuntura social. Marzo 2016. Medellin Colombia, comfama.

(Pot, Frank (2016):Employee involvement enhances productivity and innovation capability’.)

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