Innovating behind the screens

2013 – ‘Innovating behind the screen’ is the title of the report report of a study done by Panteia/EIM of work place innovation based on nine cases Of Syntens Innovation center.  (You can find descriptions of the majority of these cases on this Knowledge Bank.)

Two main conclusions are: 1) the entrepreneur determines the aim and the rate of change of the work place innovation and 2) teambuilding is the driving force behind work place innovation.

Employer determines aim and the rate of change of work place innovation

Market change urge firms to adjustment and innovations. Depending of the status in the life cycle of the firm there are found differences in the aim of the innovation. The room that is given to the employees to participate and codetermine the aim of the innovation, is not determined by the status in the life cycle but by the choices made by the entrepreneur (or the board of directors). The choice directly stems from the attitude of the entrepreneur and from his (her) vision on self-steering by the employees,  employees participation in the determining of the strategy and from his ‘drive’ to change. This is decisive for the pace of the of the process of renewal and for the results.