Innovating for health. Technological and social innovation in prevention and care

2013 –High quality and cost control in health care are main issues of the moment. To achieve these goals, there should be much more attention to the opportunities that innovation provide,  technical and social innovation. TNO explains this view in a book.

Technical and workplace innovation
The increase in lifestyle and chronic diseases make it necessary to develop another view of health and care. In this new view prevention and participation are at  the hart. Breakthroughs in the field of ICT, medical technology, food, pharmaceuticals and innovative housing solutions for older people, will make this possible indeed. The challenge is to align technological and social innovation. More daring and entrepreneurship in starting experiments and pilot projects and the sharing of knowledge are a preconditions.
In the book TNO presents a vision and calls this a ‘transition to P4 and Health Care’:  Participatory, Personalized, Preventive and Predictive.

Societal and organisational innovation

‘Social innovation’ has two meanings in this book:  the first is ‘societal innovation’ and the second is ‘workplace innovation’: renewal of labor organizations (dynamic management , flexible organization, working smarter ) as well as renewal of the innovation process (innovating  together with end-users and  external partners). 

External cooperation
TNO invites colleagues and partners like prevention and care providers, patient and consumer organizations, manufacturers and developers, municipalities and insurance companies to work together in pilots and labs to improve health and health care.


Wevers, Cees; Gijsbers, Govert. (red.) (2013)  Innoveren voor gezondheid. Technologische en social vernieuwing in preventie en zorg.  (Innovating for health. Technological and social innovation in prevention and care.)TNO Strategy & Change. (See the attachment for the pdf. of the book.  In Dutch).

Themes : Dynamic management & Leadership , External Cooperation, Innovation & innovation .
Sector : Life Sciences and Health
Source: bookAlpha