Innovating HRM for Employee Driven Innovation. A multilevel Perpective

2018 – The dissertation of Maarten Renkema integrates five different studies. These studies help to increase our understanding of how scholars can study the multilevel relationship between HRM and innovation and how organisations can use HRM activities to stimulate employee-driven innovation. By adopting a multi-level perspective, the results show how implementing innovative HRM changes the HRM function, in what ways HRM leads to innovative behaviours, and by what means HRM can contribute to bottom-up innovation processes. Thereby, this work contributes to both theory and practice of the HRM-innovation relationship. Based on the insights from the five studies, an integrative theoretical model of the relationship between HRM and employee-driven innovation is presented. Finally we provide guidelines and avenues for future research on multilevel HRM thinking, which can help to further study the influence of HRM in stimulating innovation and the importance of work-floor employees in the innovation process.

Renkema, M. ‘Innovating HRM for Employee Driven Innovation. A Multilevel Perspective’, (2018) Dissertation Twente University.

Theme: Innovation & Innovation capacity
Sector: n.a.
Source: Research report