Innovation is everybody's business

Innovation is not just about product improvements. It is also about innovations on the shop floor where all employees are involved. Innovation in the workplace occurs especially in times of crisis; the greater the challenge, the greater the need for innovation. And the greater the chance of success.
Lucy Fallon-Byrne (Director NCPP) discusses in this article why it is so important for companies to encourage workplace innovation. She appoints the conditions for businesses to let grow innovation within the organization:

Taking time and space for reflection and experimentation
Not being afraid of risks and to making mistakes
Stimulating learning
Adjusting the focus on the customer  
Sharing knowledge and networks with other organizations  
Embracing new ways of thinking.
To engender a culture of innovation in the organization, it is important that managers encourage innovative behavior. Information should be available to everyone. Emphasis should be placed on collaboration and joint problem solving. Who continues to innovate, continues to grow. Especially in times of crisis.

For the complete article: Fallon-Byrne, Lucy: ‘Innovation is everybody’s business’ (2009)  in ‘UPDATE 9’ of the National Centre for Partnership and Performance, see the attachment.