Innovations in recruiting and training young workers in small enterprises in the United States

2015 – Across the United States, small businesses are developing innovative strategies to hire and upskill young workers in ways that are both good for business, and that reduce the unemployment hardships that disproportionately impact disadvantaged young people. 

With support from The Rockefeller Foundation, The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a nation-wide search to identify creative youth-hiring models and approaches embraced by small businesses.

Three leaders were selected from a list of nine candidates. They agreed to share their stories so that their peers can learn from their innovations. 

The honourees are:

LiveWatch Security, a wireless alarm systems maker in St Marys, Kansas that uses a game-based performance and training system.

Precision Body & Paint, an auto body shop in Beaverton, Oregon with a scholarship-based contract programme to train new arrivals.

Sharp Decisions, a technology consultancy in New York that provides a squad-based training programme for returning veterans.     


A summary of the report as well as a description and video films of the three best cases can be found via this link:

Themes: labor relations, talent development, SME

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Source: research report