Jac. Barendregt BV

2012 – Jac. Barendrecht BV in Rhoon, the Netherlands, is a company with 40 people that performs GWW-projects (Ground, Road and Water construction). Mid- 80s Rinie Barendregt has acquired the company of his father. Since then, the company offers a total package to its customers. Besides main and sub-contracting of civil engineering projects, clients can also order for machine rental, transport, landscaping and maintenance. Customers are private companies , municipalities and construction companies.
Their work area is located in the southwest of the Netherlands.

Workplace innovation

Part of the staff of 40 people meet the profile of  ‘social return ‘, for example they have been long-term unemployed, had to get back into a rhythm of working, had a lack of training or had difficulties in finding a job anyhow. This ambitious family company has been working with people who need more attention and support than others for years. There is increasing demand for companies that employ vulnerable groups such as long-term unemployed. Jac. Barendregt not only offers them a job, but also knows the best how to guide these people. And it pays off!


According to Rinie Barendregt  the most important thing in this range is paying attention to these people. " Some people just need a bit of extra support. That is what they get from us."  “There was a sixteen year old boy. His father asked whether he could work with us for free.  He was difficult, he did not perform well at school and he needed structure. We have employed him, just at the minimum wage. Through much guidance, even in the evenings with homework, he now has his VMBO (secondary vocational training) diploma. He has almost finished his training as Craftsmen Road construction and will continue training for a degree Machinist. It takes time, it takes attention, but it works," says Barendregt.
The intensive guidance of people is not charity. More and more municipalities ask companies to employ people with a weak position on the labor market. Particularly within the civil engineering sector, where 80 % of the work comes from public clients. Furthermore the aging workforce plays an increasingly important role in finding good staff. Jac. Barendregt meets herein. “We anticipate that there will be a shortage of professionals. Companies need to use all the workforce. By ensuring the future of an employee we guarantee the continuity of the company."
Lately, the sector has a lot of trouble. It is a matter of survival and consolidation. Even now, perhaps more than ever, giving attention is very important.  Rinie: “Showing involvement for the projects, driving by a project on weekends. See how it goes. That is what  we do for our customers but also for our staff. That creates trust. Indeed, we do it together. “


Meanwhile, the company has built a good reputation. There is little turnover and people that would otherwise fail,  remain inboard. Moreover, absenteeism dropped to only 2 % . In short , a clear win -win situation. It is easier to get orders from authorities that require Social Return on Investment (SROI).


Interview Syntens. The company: https://www.jacbarendregt.nl/