Knowledge work: a demanding but comfortable job

2012 – A lot has been written about knowledge work and knowledge workers. However, proper definitions and empirical foundations are lacking quite often. In this chapter knowledge work is distinguished from other work in which retrieval, application and transfer of knowledge and information is important An analysis is made of the job content and the employment relationship of knowledge workers and how these work characteristics influence the incidence of burn-out, intention to quit and the work-life balance. Data of the Netherlands Working Conditions Survey (NWCS) 2007 and 2009 are used. Conclusions are that definitions matter and that knowledge work is a demanding but comfortable job.

Reference: Pot,F. and Smulders, P. Knowledge work: a demanding but comfortable job. Houtman, I. (ed.) 2012 Work life in the Netherlands. Hoofddorp:TNO, 2012, 159 – 170.