Managing and organizing for innovation in Service Firms

2009 – By this literature review, the researchers show that there is a great need for research on how services should be developed, organized and led to stimulate the innovation potential of employees.

Schilling and Werr have identified the following knowledge gaps and needs regarding research:

  • understanding of the dynamics of the innovation process in services;
  • use of models for the innovation of services that are tailored to the nature of the   organization;
  • exploring and comparing service companies;
  • service innovation in business networks;
  • knowledge and knowledge processes in service innovation;
  • the characteristics of an innovation climate for service organizations and HRM systems that go along here;
  • communication on innovation between employees of organizations in the service sector;
  • political and power relationships within organizations in the services sector;  
    the involvement of men and women in innovation processes aimed at services.

In the spring of 2009, Vinnova earmarked nearly 40 million for research and development in this field.

Vinnova is a Swedish government agency for innovation. Their mission is to encourage sustainable growth by funding needs-driven research and the development of innovation systems. Through the activities they undertake in their field they want to make a significant contribution to the Swedish economic growth.

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The article ‘Managing and Organizing for Innovation in Service Firms. A literature review with annotated bibliography’, (2009) by Annika Schilling & Andreas Werr is attached.