Managing to Learn

Managing to Learn: Using the A3 management processShook, J.
Managing to Learn

Lean Enterprise Institute, 2009
ISBN-nummer: 978 1 934109 20 5
130 pagina’s

Many people familiar with A3 reports primarily see them as a simple communication or problem-solving tool, but they are so much more. The process by which a company identifies, frames, acts, and reviews progress on problems, projects, and proposals can be found in the structure of the A3 process. The model by which an organization learns is embodied in the A3 process, and the form itself is representative of how a culture carries this out.

In Managing to Learn you will follow the story of a manager, Ken Sanderson, and his report, Desi Porter, which will reveal how the A3 can be used as a management process to create a standard method for innovating, planning, problem-solving, and building structures for a broader and deeper form of thinking- a practical and repeatable approach to organizational learning.