Mapping the context for transfer of Finnish workplace development practice

2015 – Finland belongs to the most developed countries concerning almost all aspects of its economic performance. One of the key elements of the Finnish “economic miracle” is the country’s outstanding performance in both technological and organizational innovations. The Adaptykes project, which is financed by the EU, aims at adapting some results of the Finnish Workplace Development Programme (TYKES) into Hungary and Romania as a teaching material for enterprises. The aim of this study is to help the transferring of the Finnish best practices into the different economic and institutional environment of the recipient countries. The comparative analysis focuses on such key areas like the economic and innovative performance of the small and medium-sized companies and their investment in the development of both human and organizational capital.


Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics, Volume 3(2), 2015, pp. 7–29, ISSN 2329-4175. The full  article is attached. For more information about TYKES search in this knowledge bank.

Themes: workplace innovation; innovative capabilities

Sector: n.v.t.

Source: article