More efficiency at JohnsonDiversey through Mission Directed Workteams

2009 – Striving for greater efficiency can make an employer very popular. The site of JohnsonDiversey in Enschede, the Netherlands, manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation systems for the professional market, realized this with Mission Directed Work Teams (MDW). The company won the AWVN Innovation Trophy for the first quarter 2009.

Why this is workplace innovation

The basis of MDW is formed by teams with their own objectives and their own added value. Each section consists of one or more teams, that fix their own goals, targets and bonuses. The idea is that all levels of the company participate in the thinking, decision making and taking of responsibility.
The management team indicates what is important for the company and what the outside world wants. The teams then consider for themselves what they can contribute; this is translated into concrete goals and presented to the management team.

Everything within MDW is designed to exchange information in an efficient manner; from bottom to top and vice versa and between departments. Through these discussions, plans and intentions become something of the people themselves.


The instrument MDW consists of a series of meetings at different levels which are interconnected:
Level 1: daily meetings with all team members on the state of affairs
Level 2: daily consultation of the team leaders on the planning, challenges, events and results  
Level 3: weekly meetings of department heads on the progress on the pillars cost, speed, quality, safety, people and environment.  
Level 4: monthly meetings of the management team on the monthly results. This precedes the multi-consultation with the team leaders, coaches and management team. Here also the best team is rewarded with a trophy and a financial bonus.
In addition to this methodology to align the goals of the teams with the goals of the organization, JohnsonDiversey also works with modules 5S, to keep the workplace safe and clean. Team Coaching to keep an eye on the skills of the teams and Asset Care, focused on maintenance.

MDW creates awareness among employees: security alerts and faults are spontaneously reported by the staff. Also, the production process is improved. Daily people come with new ideas themselves. Certain production lines have become more efficient by 8 to 10 percent, for example by a better way of converting or by preventing small stops.  Besides the company has mainly improved in safety and quality assurance: inspection services are always done faster with controls.


The complete article, ‘Zelf je doelen én je bonus vaststellen’ (Determining your goals and your bonus) by  P. Boorsma, in WerkGeven 2/2009  is attached.