Newsletter- sustainable productivity in Industry

2013 – In this newsletter the TNO team Labor productivity in Industry reports about two meetings on worksplace innovations in Industry. In this newsletter from Mai 2013 you will find (in Dutch):

  1. The report of the end meeting of the project: process optimization in a product chain of companies (SME’s) in Industry in the East of the Netherlands.
  2. The report of the workshop ‘Canches for growth in machine  and devices production – Design for Manufacturing’

1.     Process optimization in the chain

In the project ‘Process optimazation in the chain’ TNO cooperated with ACT – Achterhoeks Centre for Technology. (The Achterhoek is a Dutch region). Two chains from the high end equipment sector were involved: the producing of instruments and special machine industry.

The Process

Together with the personnel the routes of the orders through the process in the chain are pointed out. Then the schedules of the several disciplines are coordinated better.


This procedure results in a reduction of time to change the machines and reduction of failures and the costs to repair them, insight and calmness in the process and reduction of throughput time.

2.     Chances for growth in the machine and devices production – Design for Manufacturing

To illustrate the possibilities for product and process innovation Metaalunie (dutch employers association In the Metal Industry), Syntens and TNO organized a meeting for SME’s in the region South East of the Netherlands. The theme was: ‘Design for Manufacturing’.

The costs of the production and assembly process are to a great extend determined in the design. To reduce the time to market and the failures and costs to repair it is of great importance to evaluate the consequences of the alternatives in production and assembly early in the design process.

Themes: Collaboration with external partners, Flexible organization, SME, Smart work.

Sector: High tech, smart materials

Sources: Multi media, Cases