Organising differently and working smarter

2008 – Through ageing and dereliction on the West European labour market the the labour supply will decrease dramatically in the coming decennia. To keep more people (longer) in their jobs, we have to seek for models that create decent work. Today we permanently experience how oppressive, ineffective and unworkable the bureaucratic way of organizing is. Still this organization model is there.

With this book the authors want to present an alternative, proposing organisations to turn over. To find back the logic of the processes, to deregulate and decentralize. In short, to organize differently. With this proposal the authors join the broad movement that rises under the name Work place innovation.

The authors want to look at work place innovation as a complement of technological and product innovation and as an innovation of the way people cooperate and give their relations a meaning. This is a reinstatement that improves the product and technological innovation capacity of the organization at the same time.

With this book the authors wish to offer instruments and tools to start working with these ideas. This book is meant for all those who are engaged with organizational or work place innovations: staff and members of boards of direction, HR-professionals, project managers and change agents, internal and external consultants, leaders and team coordinators. By presenting many best cases, tools and instruments the book is attractive for students as well. This book is part 1 of the Synergy-trilogy’. The second book: ‘Woorden wekken, voorbeelden strekken’ (Words inspirate, best cases stimulate) (Van Beek & Van Hootegem, 2008) presents descriptions of twelve innovation projects.  The third book ‘In het land van Flandres Synergy’ (In the land of Flandres Synergy)  (Van Hootegem, Huys, Van Beek & Beens, 2008) outlines the demographic  and societal context for good government policy.

Reference: Hootegem, G. van, Amelsvoort, P. Beek,  G. van, Huys, R.  Anders organiseren & Beter werken. Handboek sociale innovatie en verandermanagement. (2008) (Organising differently & Working smarter. Handbook work place innovation and management of change), Leuven, Belgium: Acco. ISBN: 978 90 334 7033 2