Patterns of organizational change in Europe

2006 – Organizational innovation plays an important role in the understanding of innovation and its impact on competition between organizations and countries. Organizational innovations are changes in the structure and culture of an organization through the development of new management styles and labor processes.
Even though the attention to the importance of these innovations is growing, there is hardly any empirical support for the measurement of organizational innovation. This research focuses on identifying patterns of organizational changes in Europe (PORCH, Patterns of Organizational Change).


• Analyzing the interests of organizational innovations in various industrial sectors
• To formulate recommendations for major research into organizational innovation
• To formulate recommendations for improving the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) on organizational innovation.

The full research report: ‘Patterns of Organizational Change in European Industry – Ways to strenghten the basis of empirical research and policy’ (2006) by H. Armbruster, E. Kimer & G. Lay  can be found in the appendices.