Portal 2C at Kennedy van der Laan



2010 – Lawyers and notary firm ‘Kennedy Van der Laan’ opened Portal 2C  in a wing of the Amsterdam office. Portal 2C offers office facilities to both innovative businesses and employees of the law firm. The aim is to make the closed bastion of the legal profession more accessible and to get in knowledge from other market sectors.

Why this is Workplace Innovation
Portal 2C encourages employees of Kennedy Van der Laan to broaden their perspectives and to share knowledge in order to introduce new products and services on the market and to enter new markets. The innovative strength of the firm is promoted using Portal 2C.

Portal 2C acts as a center of inspiration for lawyers and clients of Kennedy Van der Laan and for parties in other sectors. In this way the law firm wants to encourage cooperation and to promote the innovative power of the office.
“In traditional lawyers world anticipating the developments in the market is very exceptional. We go one step further and want  to contribute to these developments proactively." said Richard Klatten, partner of Kennedy Van der Laan. “It is our belief that it will benefit  the quality and innovative strength of our work when we open the windows, get in knowledge and encourage team working with external partners and clients. Our lawyers want to learn from experiences in other companies and sectors."


In view of the approaching outflow of older workers and the changing needs of young talent Kennedy Van der Laan opened Portal 2C.
It is an inspiring space where one is encouraged to brainstorming, discussion and knowledge sharing. Workplaces are not fixed but flexible. This also applies to the facilities; the furnishings are also easy to move in space.
With Portal 2C Kennedy Van der Laan has both brought in knowledge touted and  expanded its network with innovative companies. By sharing knowledge with parties from other market sectors, new markets can be served. Clients of the firm have knowledge that is of great value to others. New products can be developed by combining this knowledge with the knowledge and experience of Kennedy Van der Laan. This allows employees to be proactive and to anticipate developments in the market. Richard Klatten calls this form of collaboration “partnering". Portal 2C shows where partnering leads. It has been set up in collaboration with the Dialogues House (an independent platform of ABN AMRO Bank), JBK (office designer) and designer/ builder Peter Bedner. Each party has brought his own expertise.

Portal 2C was launched in August 2009. Since its opening, there are realized six partnerships already. And the first new products are realized: www.legalportal.nl and www.foodquality.nl. Legalportal.nl is an online community for clients of the law firm where they can go for standard legal services. In addition, Kennedy Van der Laan together with Barentz BV founded the Food Quality Service (FQS). The FQS web portal provides in an organized manner, major complex information on requirements arising from legislation on food providing, quality standards and other requirements imposed by the government or the market. 

Once the idea of Portal 2C was born, Richard Klatten’s just did it. By opening the windows and letting knowledge come in, there emerged a more demand-driven approach. With prototypes you should not wait too long. Perhaps in the future the whole office building of Kennedy Van der Laan will be furnished according to the concept of Portal 2C.


For this case description information has been obtained from press releases and from newsletters of Kennedy Van der Laan. See the links below for press releases: