Priorities for occupational safety and health research in Europe: 2013 – 2020

2013 – The objective of this report of the European Agency for Safety and Health is to identify priorities for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) research in the coming years in accordance with both  the Europe 2020 strategy  (European Commission, 2010)  and the Horizon 2020 programme  (European Commission, 2011)  and their priorities an key objectives of ‘smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’ and  ‘excellent science – competitive industries – better society’. 

Workplace innovation

In the chapter on ‘Globalisation and  the changing world of work – OSH research contribution to sustainable and inclusive growth’ a paragraph (7.5) is devoted to workplace innovation and named:  ‘Well-being at work  –  a positive approach’.  Workplace innovation is seen as an important part of successful innovation in an organization.  It is complementary to technological innovation.  Workplace innovation combines interventions in the fields of work organization, human resources management and supportive technologies (conform the description of the European Economic and Social Committee,  2011).  Research indicates that through workplace innovation a simultaneous improvement  in quality of working life and productivity is possible, in particular in projects with strong employee participation (Ramstad, 2009). 

Workplace innovation can be an effective means to develop well-being at work. The overlap between OSH management and workplace innovation is a promising perspective. 

Priorities for research:

  • Reinforce the positive approach in occupational health psychology research by focusing on positive job characteristics  and well-being,  including work engagement,  job resources, psychological capital, job crafting and positive spillover.
  • Explore further the relationship between workplace innovation, health and safety at work and company performance, and the possibility of improving health and well-being at work through workplace innovation.

Reference: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (2013).  Priorities for occupational safety and health research in Europe: 2013 – 2020. ISSN: 1831-9351 (Attached)

Themes: Monitoring & Evaluation, Workplace Innovation.

Source: research report