Renolit Nederland

2012 – Renolit is a manufacturer of high quality plastic materials for many applications. The products of the Dutch subsidiary  are processed into products for the medical industry, such as infusion bags and tubes and  bags for blood plasma, by customers. The company is located in  Enkhuizen, the Netherlands  and changed ownership several times.  Renolit Netherlands  employs about 160 people.

Workplace  innovation

Renolit Netherlands operates in a market that is not particularly cyclical,  however it puts increasing demands on the production and regulation, it has raised the  requirements  in terms of hygiene and  it orders for more difficult  products.  As company Renolit  must develop and so the staff need  to develop as well.  In consultation with the employees, the company has used  the room in the collective labour agreement  (namely the old  measures to release elderly people)  in a new  way, namely for training  and  measures that will contribute to the vitality of the staff.

From the outset , all employees were involved in renewal of the collective agreement, in briefings and in the bargaining. An important lesson is : all parties have to agree on the facts (and the figures) in advance. If you agree on these,  there is no ground for suspicion.

The result is not yet known.
Renolit was the last  company  in  the AWVN (general employers association)  manifestafette  2011-2012, in which the baton was previously won by:  ING Insurance / Investment Management , Xerox and FloraHolland.