Report Innovation platform: Smart working works!

2009 – The kernal of smart working  could be descirbed as: ‘Proces- and organizational innovations, aimed at the improvement of the internal division of labour, the management of working hours and new management concepts that put the participative approach in the center’. Think of: lean management, self-steering teams, flexible working times, self rostering, reorganganising business processes, etc.  The Innovation platform has ordered for research on the motives and characteristics of SME’s that started with a ‘Smart Working’project and what instruments would stimulate SME’s  to change their management and organizing. Actually there were no quantitative data about the amount of firms that practice Smart Working and what the results are in the Netherlands nor abroad. Extra research was done to get an image of plans and instruments for Smart Working in the regions and with branche organisations. The conclusions stress the importance of stimulating SME-entrepreneurs.

The reports advice is to invest more in stimulating Smart Working. By stimulating more companies to process and organisational innovations a boost could be given to the productivity growth in the Netherlands, both on company and on national level. And the productivity growth is lacking behind at the moment. It is recommended to start a coherent program for SME’s on Smart Working.

See for the Advice Slimmer werken werkt! (Smart work works)(2009) of the Innovation Platform the attachment. The research report is attached as well: Slimmer werken: gebruik, mogelijkheden en opbrengsten in de praktijk  (Smart working: prevalence, opportunities and revenues in practice.) (2009), P.A. van der Hauw et al.

Keywords: Smart Working, Monitoring & evaluation, Work place innovation