Reurings Precisie Plaatwerk (RPP)

2013 – Reurings Precisie Plaatwerk (RPP, Reurings Precision sheet metal)in Delfgauw, the Netherlands produces plate and construction works to customer specifications. They have twenty employees.

Workplace innovation
RPP is investing in the best and latest machinery. The company is also investing a lot in the development of the employees, many of whom have a background in ‘special education’. Throughout their career they follow courses. The employees work independently and have a lot of responsibility, they control themselves and check the quality of their own work. Employees arrange their own new order with the customer. Some years ago RPP started a lean production process.

To prepare the purchase of a new machine, staff work shortly at the machine supplier. There is direct contact between employees and customers; they often work a while in the customers’ operation  to get a better feeling for the end application of their own product.
By convention, they all go home only when the last job is finished. Thus they help each other and make each other better qualified.

In recent years the company has been able to shorten turnaround time from six weeks to one week. The quality has gone up and the drop down. Revenue rose to more than € 200 000, – per employee, where in this industry the average is € 125.000,-. Also absenteeism of 0.3 % is far below the national average. Clients register themselves, hardly any acquisition is needed.
Mutual trust is strong; so even someone who was 100% disapproved, can work here for 80 %.

The company was named one of the ‘Smartest companies in the Netherlands’ on the ‘Energy Day 2013’ organized by a SME-network of Syntens (a former state agency to support SME’s). The jury report can be found in the Annex .

Topics : Labour relations, Dynamic management , SME , Talent Development
Sector: Metal
Source : Case