Robots, AI and Human factor in the supply chain of the future

2018 – in a presentation at a seminar about ‘Supply chain Innovations 2018’ at the KU Leuven Steven Dhondt puts and answers the question: ‘Can we make a dent in the trend of added value per working hour?’ He also presents results and figures from the Forrester-2018 research about the consequences of automatization.


The headlines

Automatization will destroy jobs but new jobs will emerge with new tasks and new competences required. Probably automatization doesn’t reduce the net number of jobs.

What is needed is change in management internally and in PR externally.

It is likely that there will be more management tasks in the future, but not necessarily more managers.

The general lesson is: technology is malleable.



Dhondt, Steven. ‘Robots, AI and Human factor in the supply chain of the future’. Presentatie t.g.v. Supply chain innovations 2018, KU Leuven.

The pdf is attached.


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