Social Innovation of Work and Employment

2012 – Social innovation of work and employment are prerequisites to achieve the EU2020 objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It covers labour market innovation on societal level and workplace innovation on organisational level. This paper focuses on the latter. Workplace innovations are social both in their ends (quality of working life, well-being and development of talents together with organisational performance) and in their means (employee participation and empowerment). Complementary to technological innovations they regard innovations in social aspects of organisations such as work organisation, HRM and work relations. Workplace innovation – or innovative workplaces as it is sometimes called – deserves to be better incorporated in EU policies, as also has been recommended by the European Economic and Social Committee and the OECD. Some countries have experienced the benefits of national campaigns already.

Reference: Frank Pot, Steven Dhondt, and Peter Oeij. Social Innovation of Work and Employment. In: Hans-Werner Franz, Josef Hochgerner & Jürgen Howaldt (Eds.), Challenge Social Innovation. Potentials for business, social entrepreneurship, welfare and civil society (pp. 261-274). Berlin: Springer Verlag, 2012