Technological choice and Workplace Innovation. Towards efficient and humanized work.

2019 – Technology implementation choices in organisations require trade-offs between economic efficiency and decent work. Technology choices are often started top down, technocratic and from an efficiency perspective. Social and organisational aspects are seldomly sufficiently considered in this process. Negative consequences both for the people and for the chance for success of the technology implementation are the result. For overseeing and considering both social and organizational aspects in technology implementation choices an impact choice model of (new) technologies is helpful. This article discusses such a model: TIM (Technology Impact choices Model). TIM is a method that helps organisations and policy makers assess the impact of technological choice for the production of products and services, the design of the organisation of work and the content of separate functions and jobs.

Peter R.A. Oeij, Paul T.Y. Preenen, Wouter van der Torre, Laudry van der Meer, Joep van Eerenbeemt. ’Technological choice and workplace innovation: towards efficient and huminised work’. In: European Public and Social Innovation Review. Volume 4, Issue 1, 2019.

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Themes: Innovation and innovation capacity, workplace innovation
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