The Finnish Workplace Development Programme

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Workplace Development Programme TYKES

Ministry of Labour Finland,2004
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The Finnish Workplace Development Programme TYKES (2004-2009) promotes the modes of operation of Finnish companies and other work organizations, with an eye to simultaneous enhancement of productivity and the quality of working life. This is called qualitatively sustainable productivity growth. Development activity in the programme projects is based on cooperation between the management and staff of the workplaces concerned. In addition, TYKES promotes the dissemination of project results and expertise on workplace development.

TYKES is based on the view that the most effective way of generating new innovative solutions for working life is close cooperation and interaction between workplaces, researchers, consultants, public authorities and the social partners. The capacity of the different parties to join forces is for a small country like Finland a precondition for coping with the globalizing economy. Success in the new competitive environment increasingly calls for workplace innovation.