The future of work a journey to 2022

PWC 2014 – New technologies (e.g. data analytics and social networks) are influencing how people work, destroying old business models in the process at a fast pace. Job roles and titles are changing faster than at any time throughout history. PWC in this paper discusses those implications, and offers help for HR managers to take a peek into the future. They discuss three possible worlds of work based on their research:

The orange world
In this world companies become smaller. Companies break down into a network of organizations that specializes on a smaller scale than before. This is due to the fact that smaller companies are seen as working better, as they have less regulations. This means more workers have flexible contracts, and are freelancing for numbers of organizations. People will have their own brand and sell their skills with review similar to eBay products. Technology will make it easier to find these people for the companies. Many companies will be too small to have a HR manager.

The green world.
In this world social responsibility becomes the dominant way for corporations to do business. Concerns over sustainability and climate change become the cornerstone of business. Consumers demand more environmental credentials. Rules and regulation, and consumer credentials lead to the necessity for companies to choose for corporate responsibility as their strategy. Technology plays a critical role in transparency of  the firm’s ethical responsibility performance. Green firms avoid hierarchy and have a flat and fluid organizational structure. More family friendly hours create new value proposition, not solely based on pay.

The blue world
In this world big companies continue to become bigger, and the individual needs are more important than social responsibility. Very data driven society, screening levels will be taken  to new levels, and sensors check employees location, performance and health.  Companies might even take over employees data to monitor them. HR have developed more sophisticated measurement techniques. HR specialist need more of financial, analytical, marketing and risk management skills. A key skill for them is to convince employees it is worth it to hand over their data to them.


PWC. (2014). The future of work: A journey to 2022 [Brochure].

Theme: labour relations

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