The Long Work Hours Culture

2008 – This book examines the effects of working hours on the individual, the family and the organization. It discusses why people work long hours and the costs and benefits of this investment. The Long Work Hours Culture is a recommendation for managers, professionals and others interested in creating a humane and healthy work environment.
Making long days can even be harmful to health: this mainly depends on the reason why people overlabor (voluntarily or not) and the way they do this (whether or not stressed). Even though there is a group of people who voluntarily runs overtime, most employees want to make fewer hours than they currently do.
This book includes contributions about for instance workaholism from six organizations, the difference between passion for the work and addiction, the role of technology in making long days and the effects of fatigue and burnout. Gaining control over long working hours requires creativity of both the individual and his or her family, the organization and the mentality of society.

Burke, R.J. & Cooper, C.L. The Long Work Hours Culture.
ISBN13: 978-1-84855-038-4