This is how Nedap stimulates entrepreneurship between its own walls

2016 – Nedap (short for Nederlandse Apparatenfabriek, Dutch Machine factory) is a Dutch technological company with its headquarters in Groenlo and sites in various other countries all over the world. The company was founded in 1929 and is active in the field of development and production of electronic systems. It employs more than 700 people.

Workplace innovation
During the past ten years the company has developed from a machine factory  to a provider of ‘technological solutions’. These solutions might be devices but increasingly also software. It’s a transition from  just making to mostly developing. The CEO wants to bring markets into motion by stimulating entrepreneurship. And that requires an organisation that can accommodate entrepreneurship. Therefore several years ago, Nedap is split in market groups that operate as independent companies. Inside staff is free to come up with solutions itself. This creates a culture in which people make the best product through much deliberation and using each other’s knowledge and expertise. The various market groups also learn from each other and take over each others solutions.

The company was early to see that intellectual work would become increasingly important. Already in the ’70s they recruited developers.
CEO Ruben Wegman says about the approach to change to focus on the market: “You have to inspire people. That will not go bottom-up. I need to provide clear principles and transparent information. After that I do a step backwards to give room for entrepreneurship"

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