Vandeputte Medical: ' Don’t touch the teams'

2016 – Vandeputte Medical supplies products and services in the field of emergency services. There is a company in the Netherlands and one in Belgium with a total of 40 employees.
On the site: you can find a case description of these companies’ workplace innovation: Vandeputte Medical ‘Teams zijn heilig’ (Don’t touch the teams.). That article is summarized below. 

Workplace innovation
As of February 1, 2016 the company is organized in self-managing client teams and support teams. There is also a strategy team of which representatives of the teams from Netherlands and Belgium are members and also the board is in this strategy team. The distribution of power between client teams, support teams, strategy team, management and shareholders is elaborated in the organisation guideline. Functional jobs are converted into roles and the employees are busy making role descriptions.
Using the “fun meter" online and almost continuously the mood in the company is measured. The results are shared with everyone in the company. The strategy team and increasingly also the client teams discuss and implement the improvements. 


A new director of the Benelux organization had a new way of organising in mind. He interviewed all employees about their feelings of satisfaction and problems. Then a core team was commissioned that had to come up with a new organizational model in two to three months. They did so and that new model was established after the approval by the shareholders and the rest of the organization.
The process of employees searching for and getting used to new roles is still going on. For former supervisors, the loss of functional power is quite difficult to handle. 


Results are not reported in the article; it seems too early to see any results. 


Cornelissen, Sjoske: ‘Vandeputte Medical: De teams zijn heilig’ (Don’t touch the teams). 16 juli 2016, see: